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Sweden, Europe

Frequently Asked Question!

Go to Page : How to Order & delivery and read the description.

And then Mail us your Order. 

Contact us [email protected]

No, it does not work.

Because we only take cryptocurrency for now. And it was harder to intergrate into the website for now. Please read the guide – How to order

Yes primary European countries. 

If you live outside Europe, we can help you but you need to contact us, and we will see how we can help you. It can though involve shipping costs. 

Yes, for now we have only that option. 

But we have found very easy way to buy bitcoin and send it to us. Please read the Page – How to order

For now at least, we only take bitcoin. 

Easiest way is through – it goes really fast to register, but & send. 

Other options is BTCX for ex. 

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